‘ To select the best of the best, look to a builder’s standard operating procedure, specifications, track record, and ability to communicate with you.’

Arncliffe Project

“Having never engaged a builder before, we were anxious about the various pitfalls that seem to occur all too regularly.  We needn’t have been.Frank and Daniel were professional, approachable and courteous from beginning to end.  As we lived at home throughout, they kept the site safe, clean and tidy at all times, while also happy to see the kids every day.  They went out of their way to ensure we were happy and informed regarding all construction aspects.  Bringing the job in on budget was icing on the cake. As our renovation included several challenging aspects, the construction of this project clearly demonstrated Frank and Daniel’s significant experience and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. We are thrilled with the quality finish of our renovation and would have no hesitation recommending them.”
Bill and Karen, Arncliffe.

Petersham Project

On Budget, On Time — does it get any better?
Rethink everything you have heard about builders.  We were first-time renovators with a house that needed serious work.  Dodgy slabs (mostly illegal), seven different floor levels, a collection of strange, enclosed ‘rooms’, and a brick arch every which-way you looked.  Our job finished on time, on budget and with our roses in better condition than we left them.
From the beginning Frank and Daniele gained our trust through clear communication.  As novices, we were braced to uncover a can of worms (likely in the drainage) but instead just worked efficiently through issues as they arose.  Frank and Daniele never seems phased by any of the challenges and always found a resolution that didn’t compromise the design, or cost a bomb.
Frank and Daniele’s expertise and attention to detail made a big difference to the end result.  They worked with our architect to finalise design elements – like the elegant timber boxes of the balustrade – and then craft them.  They are the kind of people who are prepared to spend seven hours getting your power points flush – not because the clients are fussy – but because that’s just what they do.
d2’s commitment to high-quality work may be partially genetic.  It was Daniele’s dad who carefully unpicked the arch that previous owners had put in and replastered the wall with meticulous care (the same care that he lavished on the roses).  His pride in the work of the next generation was palpable and persuasive.
Lots of people describe relationships with builders in battle terms.  We always felt like Frank and Daniele were firmly on our side.  When an expensive light fitting was delivered broken,  Frank immediately went into bat with the supplier on our behalf,  negotiating a swift replacement rather than the sub-standard repair that had been proposed.
Frank and Daniele won us over in the early stages of our project, and retained our trust and respect to the end.  Over that time they also successfully won over the kids, (who were not nearly as keen on change to their home environment as we were), our immediate neighbours, and indeed the neighbourhood at large.  ‘Are you back in already?’ people say … ‘Gee your builders were nice.’  And nine-year-old Ned is still asking ‘When are we going to see Frank and Daniele again?’
We would be happy to talk about our experiences with d2 in person.  If you would like to talk to us, just ask Frank for our contact details.
Kelly and Martin, Petersham


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