d2 constructions is committed to creating and transforming structures into homes and development sites into impressive commercial communities.

d2 through sustainability embraces choices in modern design – without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The latest quality advances in green home building are providing you with choices that not so long ago were dreams. Today’s buildings are less expensive to heat and cool, are more comfortable, and tread more lightly on the environment than any generation of houses before.

Green Living at Home – Residential

To sum it up, green construction lessens the toll we have on our environment, and provides a healthier playground for you and your family, and that’s pretty important. Even if you are not a ‘ save the environment ’ aficionado like d2, green homes are proven to be more comfortable and have a better resale value then their non-green counterparts.

With housing sustainability d2 believes it is of the up-most importance to select materials and techniques that will give you a return on your investment.. 

A few potential benefits of building a sustainable home are;

  • Better resale value
  • Improved indoor air quality that creates a safer living environment
  • Increased level of comfort throughout every season
  • Decreased cost of ownership through minimised maintenance
  • Decreased heating and cooling requirements
  • Increased energy independence
  • Improved durability and longevity


Green Living at Work – Commercial

Green Buildings are increasingly becoming a normal part of the construction landscape. Not only are companies competing to have buildings with high ratings built for them, studies show that there are positive economic benefits to the owners and occupiers of these buildings and increased returns to investors. So much so, that environmental and sustainability requirements are increasingly becoming a part of government and private tenders.

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